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We use digital marketing and advertising channels to help businesses grow. We specialize in performance based direct marketing where every cent of ad spend is put to work to acquire new customers for our clients.
Current Clients and Projects
My House Deals is a brand of REI Network, LP, a company that provides a suite of services to support the acquisition of investment properties.
PMG is a platform that connects lenders and borrowers of short term secured real estate loans.
Pipken & Lane is a family-owned e-commerce business specializing in children's clothing and accessories.
Capital Rehab Group provides resources to real estate investors who are in the business of rehabbing single-family properties for resale.
M.O.R.E. is a startup that is organizing the complex world of municipal-owned (tax foreclosed) properties for sale.
Happy Investor is a property database and service that speeds up the due diligence process for investors looking to add properties to their portfolio. 
Seneca Management provides consulting services for property owners facing challenging situations including code enforcement issues and landlord-tenant disputes.
Current Bank Foreclosures aggregates and organizes up to the minute bank-owned property inventory in the U.S. 
Ben Moskel
You handle your client's advertising campaigns differently when you know what it feels like to put your own money at stake on a digital marketing campaign. 

The other thing that sets us apart from others is our ability to provide high quality services to fill any gaps in a digital marketing campaign.

For example, because I am a licensed attorney, our clients look to me for legal guidance from time to time.

Although I might not be able to write a will, I can set up an LLC for you or go to bat on the occasional vendor or customer issue. 
Are we a good fit?
MY philosophy on advertising and marketing
What type of business is more exciting than direct response advertising? In 2005 I bought my first click on the Overture platform. At that time you could show up in first position on Yahoo! for just a nickel per click!

Selecting an agency or individual to handle your advertising is a difficult decision. You're trusting someone with the health of your business.

Because I have continuously invested my own money on PPC, I handle all our client's advertising budget with "kid gloves." We make sure that every dollar invested is going towards generating a positive ROI.

I've been continuously immersed in digital advertising and marketing in a variety of industries including retail, education, legal, and financial services. Recently I've been focused on real estate and real estate investment services.
 Can You Relate to Any of These Marketing Challenges?
PROBLEM: The conversion rate on the landing page was good, but there was confusion among users about the service. This resulted in a poor retention rate. 

SOLUTION: We created this 4 minute sales/educational video for the landing page being used for cold traffic.

Not only did the video clear up confusion about the service, but it also resulted in higher conversion and retention rates.
PROBLEM: Our client was struggling to get traction with display remarketing.

SOLUTION: We launched a YouTube campaign that targets prior visitors. The campaign is generating a healthy number of leads for less than $5, about half the cost of a lead on search. 
PROBLEM: The client was struggling to generate leads in a complimentary niche to the core service offering.

Because it is in a competitive niche, the lead cost was simply unsustainable.

SOLUTION: We created a page to pre-sell visitors so they were more likely to convert when they reached the lead form. It is currently generating a full form lead for about $15, about an 80% reduction in lead cost.
PROBLEM: This account was generating a high amount of volume, but had slim margins.

Because geo-targeted locations, keyword themes, and other targeting was mixed together, it was difficult to determine where the highest margin traffic was coming from.

We wanted to organize the traffic channels without throttling traffic.

SOLUTION: We gradually transitioning the traffic sources into tightly themed silos, the account generated 76K conversions and a reduced CPA over a 12 month period.
  Are You Spending More Than $10K/Month on PPC?

Here are a Few Easy Ways to Eliminate Waste and Scale Up Your Campaigns. 

 Checklist to Eliminate Waste from a PPC Campaign

1. Routinely review search terms to filter irrelevant traffic generated from Google's liberal broad and phrase matching algorithms.

2. Run automated scripts to identify and filter fraudulent publishers on Google's display network.

3. Use offline conversion metrics to identify and eliminate sources of low retention/high refund  customers.

4. Optimize your landing pages for mobile traffic, including page load speed. (In most markets, the majority of traffic is from mobile users.)

5. Review KPIs from mobile app traffic channels. In most cases, exclude all app traffic.

Checklist to Scale a PPC Campaign

1. Consider implementing an SMS opt-in field on your lead capture forms for more engaged follow-up.

2. Test ad groups with broad match keywords, but make sure to incorporate an expansive list of negative keywords.

3. Use video early and often and especially in your remarketing campaigns.

4. Expand your best campaigns to the Bing Ads platform.

5. Test similar audience campaigns on Google Display.

Favorite Traffic Platforms

  • Google Ads Paid Search
  • Google Ads Display and YouTube
  • Bing Ads Paid Search

Favorite Lead Nurturing Platforms

  • Klaviyo for Email and SMS
  • YouTube
  • iContact
  • ​Shopify
  • ​ClickFunnels
  • ​Typeform

Platforms for Efficiency and Scale

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • iContact
  • ​Shopify
  • ​ClickFunnels
  • ​Typeform
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